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Spring activities at the dojo &Youth Summer Camp a success

Now it is soon summer vacation, and Riai will have no official training until August. The spring term has been very active and we have had a fantastic time with training and friendship on all levels. Our 212 members (as of 2022) are now almost 50/50 men and women which is our goal: boys under 25 yrs 75 members; girls under 25 yrs old 60 members, men over 25 yrs old 40 members and women over 25 yrs old 37 members.

Here you can find photos from various activities at the dojo during May and June, including our SummerCamp for youth.

During four days 17-20 June we had so much fun. Happy Aikido Summer Camp attracted almost 100 participants: children, youth and instructors from 9 dojos in Sweden. This camp is so intensive, and rewarding. We co-create, explore and build real friendship across generations and dojos. Thank you the very best Åsa Bergström for this 5 anniversary of our Summer Camp, and all participants. Enjoy pictures of happiness and focus. And if you want to see some GoPRo videos you can find a link in the post below. Look for Summer Camp 2023 Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Day 4

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or want to start to train in the Autumn. Have a nice summer!

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