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Young leaders


To give our youth, who have practiced aikido for a long time, a challenge and something to strive for, we created leadership training for youth between 13-19 years in 2015. We call the education Young Leaders, which includes both theory and practice, and is a platform for youth to develop together in their leadership. The theoretical part includes group dynamics, leadership, and responsibility, children’s physical, mental, and motor development. We also learn how to create dynamics in a training session, and how to best adapt the training content to the current age group. The practical part takes place in the association’s children’s sessions where the young leaders assist and share the leadership with the adult instructor. The training extends over 6 months. The Young Leaders are a great source of inspiration for the children they lead. The Young Leaders also learn time management, public speaking, strategies for solving conflicts, and develop a creative and grateful mindset. Curiosity, cooperation, and building character are key areas we focus on in our training.

The aikido clubs Sedokan Växjö Aikido club, Aikido Dojo Gamlestaden and Varbergs Aikido club regularly participate in the training, which strengthens the bonds between the clubs’ youth.

List of those from Riai who have joined Young Leaders 2015-2020:

Class of 2016
Signe Martén
Katerina Magnusson
Frida Cederholm
Hedda Älveby
Natalie Luo Aksnes
Emma Grahn
Milou Lagerström Bonde
Felix Langenius
Caspian Claesson
Ossian Sparrings
Zakarias Ahlström

Class of 2017
Orvar Stenberg
Einar Klint
Alina Feiner
Iris Berglund
Kareem Kent
Erik Nakamura

Class of 2018
Emmy Segerström
Djamin Kent
Kajsa Norrman
Daniel Grahn
Moritz Andrén
Stella Sandelin

Class of 2020-21
Mael Kent
Stella Dobrin
Erland Gullberg
Viggo Thiria
Cornelius Claesson
Nisse Bede

Class of 2022
Salma Kleiberg
Jack Jacobsson
Alve Thiel Martinsson
Amanda Bergström
Andrea Jivén

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