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Aikido for adults


Meaningful training for life!

Aikido is a traditional budo, which makes it easy for those who train. All you have to do is come here! We offer good and effective training, community and efficient self-protection as a bonus. The effects of the training are mental focus and improved concentration in everyday life, becoming physically stronger and a better constitution.

Other effects of training is stress-reduction, revitalization and feeling better, both physically and mentally. We have no competitions.

Welcome to aikido training at Riai!

Aikido training

Practicing aikido means practicing pre-decided forms. Of course, one can use the principles of traditional aikido in many contexts, such as conflict management and self-protection. It is important to distinguish between aikido training in the dojo based on agreements and its application in specific situations.

The training is conducted with techniques to achieve underlying principles. From situations of attack and defense, we learn about principles such as breaking balance, distance, force and breathing.

Training with others

When you practice aikido, the starting point is that everyone helps each other to be able to develop. This should not be confused with the fact that, within the framework of the given agreement, we face challenges and resistance in the daily training. The techniques we perform correspond to different solutions to physical conflicts. The challenge is to increase the degree of difficulty, which can, for example, mean increasing the pressure, strength, speed and tempo of execution. Or adding more attackers.

In the dojo

At Riai, we strive to form good and healthy relationships between people. Through training, the individual can develop and grow based on their own abilities. Members are expected to take responsibility for contributing to the dojo maintenance and community as part of the training.

The meaning of dojo

Individual development in aikido training presupposes a group, a socially secure context to achieve the best result. It requires a flow of older and younger training mates with different experiences, whose training duration varies. Dojo means “the place where you practice the road”, and is the members’ common training place.

The meaning of sensei

Sensei means teacher in Japanese, and refers to the person in the dojo who leads the training session. At Riai, Jan and Pia are the main instructors (dojo-cho) who are ultimately responsible for all training taking place. In their absence, the training is led by a designated instructor, sempai or other member.

We believe:

… you are responsible for your own development, and your sensei will help you along the way.
… a sensei should not stand in the way of the students’ development.
… a sensei’s importance should not be exaggerated.

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