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Riai Taiko

Riai has its own drum group, Riai Taiko. Taiko is the Japanese name for drum, and wadaiko  refers to the Japanese big drums. We currently have four large drums (Miya-daiko) and two smaller ones (Shime-Daiko). The drum group plays at all semester graduations and at our performances. We started the group in the autumn of 2018 with Tony Tuddenham as drum teacher.

In October 2020, Riai Taiko visited Seidokan Taiko in Copenhagen for a workshop. Peter, Christian and Jonathan took good care of us and we have now started a collaboration where Seidokan Taiko is our taiko mentor. In June 2021 we went down to Seidokan again and learn much more.

The drum group currently is Alina, Orvar, Einar, Carl and Emmy. Riai Taiko has got a paid culture summer job from the City of Gothenburg, and will brighten the streets of Gothenburg with their performance during the summer in 5-16 July 2021. You can see their show on this page.

In autumn 2021 we will have a beginner group for dojo members who wish to learn taiko drumming. From 10 yrs and up (adults welcome!) We play on Sundays. Dojo Drummers (beginners) 17.00-18.00; Embu Drummers 18.15-20.00. The taiko lessons are included in the regular training fee.

You can hire Riai Taiko for concerts. Perfect for opening ceremonies, festivals and sports event. Write to us at if you are interested! Of course, it is also possible to book both a taiko concert and an aikido show at the same time.



July 2021:  Gothenburg city 3 weeks

5 Augusti 2021: At Vulcano in Gothenburg, part of the festival All my Friends are Stars

28 August 2021: At the festival All my Friends are Stars & Lindholmen Food Market

4 September 2021: 10 am at Guldhedens konstrunda.

23-24 April 2022, Sakura Festival in Copenhagen, together with Seidokan Taiko

14 May 2022, “Barnens dag”, Bältespännarparken i Göteborg

21 May 2022, Göteborgsvarvet (Gothenburg half marathon, see us at Älvsborgsbron)

26-29 May 2022, “Nationella Sverigelägret”, National Sweden Aikido Seminar

4 June 2022, Concert in Gothenburg at “Maj12an”

3 Augusti 2022: At Vulcano in Gothenburg, part of the festival All my Friends are Stars

Lights in Alingsås 30 September 2022

18 mars 2023 Invigning Ju-jutsu SM i Varberg

8 april 2023 Taikoutbyte med gruppen MInori Taiko i Omitama, Japan.

29 april 2023 Invigning av Hanami i Botaniska trädgården i Göteborg

6 maj 2023 Invigning av Barnens Dag, Bältespännarparken i Göteborg

9 maj 2023 Börsen i Göteborg i samband med firandet av de som vunnit SM-medalj under 2022

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