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About Riai Aikido Dojo


At Riai we practice traditional aikido based on the aikido represented by Morihiro Saito Sensei (1928-2002). What distinguishes traditional aikido is that taijutsu (body techniques), bokken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden stick) fit into an integrated system. Thus, weapon techniques are an important part of training. The Japanese word “Riai” refers to the underlying principle, which connects weapons techniques with body techniques.

Riai Aikido Dojo was founded autumn 2003 and has 220 members (2019). Founders Pia Moberg 6th dan and Jan Bratt 6th dan, each have over 40 years experience in traditional aikido and extensive teaching experience nationally, and internationally.

The Association operations are led by a Board. All work, teaching and training is completely non-profit. In addition to taking part in the training and other events, you as a member are expected to clean, keep order and show respect for yourself and each other.

The association has many experienced instructors. Several of the instructors have undergone the Swedish Budo and Martial Arts Association’s licensed training as well as basic sports injury training.

Hanko means stamp in Japanese. The traditional stamp works much like a signature or logo. Here are Riai’s two official stamps.

Riai Aikido Dojo
Riai Aikido Dojo
Pia Moberg & Jan Bratt
Pia Moberg & Jan Bratt


The Aikido Association Riai Aikido Dojo is a non-profit sports association, a member of the Swedish Budo and Martial Arts Association, the Swedish Aikido Association, which is a member of The National Sports Federation (Riksidrottsförbundet). Riai’s board members are Pia Moberg (Chairman), Jan Bratt (Treasurer), Thomas Hellberg (Secretary) and Heidi Christensen (Alternate).

Calligraphy by Pia Moberg. Developed for Riai Aikido Dojo’s 15th anniversary 2018. The sign is pronounced KIZUNA, which roughly translates to “bonds between people”, or “the bonds that bind a unit together”. KIZUNA signifies that it is the separate individuals ties to each other, which forms a group or organization.

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