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Want to try Aikido?



Our beginner training is integrated with what we call basic training on Wednesdays and Fridays. This means you train from the very start both with other beginners as well as with more experienced members. This system allows you to learn faster and get to know many training buddies quickly. NOTE! During the corona pandemic, the schedule is a little different as we train without contact and Mondays and Wednesdays instead. Go to the registration page and see our current times there.

The beginner training with us includes proper warm-up interspersed with varied exercises, which develop your strength, balance and mobility. We initially focus on a few effective movements / principles with and without tools and the basics of a good fall technique. All good aikido training should be performed with full focus and concentration. As a result, our aikido also results in effective self-protection.

What could be a challenge in the beginning, is preferably being silent during training, but to learn by observing and copying the movements, without without self-evaluating your performance. On the one hand it will be quieter in the dojo, on the other hand you can concentrate better. Learning fall technique and the various technical steps takes time, so be patient! The exercises recur constantly so there is no requirement to know everything immediately. After a semester of regular training, you can graduate to 6 kyu, the first rank in our ranking system.

Within the framework of the training, we do not always have time to stretch afterwards, so feel free to do it on your own. Feel free to take a visit the sauna before you go home.

Riai stands for a powerful and dynamic Aikido, which is fun and exciting to train.

We welcome you!

Clothes for training

Simple training clothes are enough for the first few weeks, trousers and a sweater with long sleeves. However, we urge everyone to buy a uniform as soon as possible, partly because it is more appropriate with a uniform, partly because it is an important identity-creating factor to wear a real gi (training uniform). We train barefoot, so it is important that you wash your feet before the training.

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