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Regular members

The training fee is paid semi-annually and is SEK 1650, as a regular member before you go on the regular workouts and basic workouts.

If you are a guest, or can only train for a shorter time, you can pay a monthly fee of SEK 450. Individual pass fee for guests is SEK 50. You can buy a clip card for 10 training days for SEK 500.

Everyone pays a membership fee of SEK 100 per year.

Beginner training adults

The fee for beginner training is SEK 1550. We have try-out-classes twice for SEK 100, and then you pay the remaining fee.

Youth training

The fee for youth training 10-12 years is SEK 1050 per semester. For youth aged 13-17, the fee is SEK 1350 per semester.

Children’s training

The fee for children’s training is SEK 800 per semester.


For students, we give a discount of SEK 200, when you show a CSN card.

If you are several children / youth from the same family, you get a sibling discount of SEK 250.

For parents who train in an adult group and children who train in a child / youth group, a family discount of SEK 200 is given.

Retiree discount SEK 200.

How do I pay?

All fees are paid before starting to Bankgiro 703-4887, payee “Aikido Association Riai”. You can also pay with a card or cash on site in the dojo.

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