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Riai Festival: Demonstrations & training 27-28 August!

During two days we will have our first Riai Festival with demonstrations, training, and taiko drum lesson for all ages. Depending on the weather, the schedule might be adjusted. Bring family and friends, you are all welcome! This is a good opportunity to try Aikido and Taiko drums.

SCHEDULE Saturday 27 August 2022

Location: we will be outdoors on the lawn nearby the dojo at Axel Krooks gångväg. In the dojo, if it is raining.

11.00-11.15 Riai Taiko opens the festival, taiko performance

11.15-11.30 Demonstrations age groups 5-7, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15

11.30-12.30  (from 10 yrs) Try Taiko!

11.30-12.00 Try Aikido 5-7 yrs

12:00-12.30 Try Aikido 7-9 yrs

12:00-12:30 Try Aikido 10-12 yrs JO & BOKKEN

12.30-13.00 Try Aikido 10-12 yrs TAIJUTSU

12.00-13.00  Try Aikido 13-15 yrs (in the dojo),  JO, BOKKEN, TAIJUTSU

13.30-13:45 Taiko uppvisning/Riai Taiko performance

13.45-14.00 Demonstrations age groups 5-7, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15

14.00-15.00 Try out Aikido & taiko  alla ages

SCHEDULE Sunday 28 August

Location: In the dojo

11.00-11.15 Introduction to Aikido, demonstration adults

11.15-11.55 Try Aikido adults TAIJUTSU; JO & BOKKEN/

12.00-12.15 Riai Taiko performance by Riai Taiko

12.15-13.00 Try Taiko! (teenagers and adults)

13.00-14.00 Try Aikido teen and young adults 15-25 yrsTAIJUTSU; JO & BOKKEN

14.00-15.00 Introduction and try-out “Aikido Slow  55+”, here we train slower, less intense

Coffe, snacks etc both days!

Wordlist: TAIJUTSU = body techniques, JO = wooden staff, BOKKEN = wooden sword

 TAIKO = big Japanese wadaiko drums

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