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Weekend seminar with Hoa Newens sensei 7 dan

5-6 September 2015, Gothenburg, Sweden

H. Hoa Newens Sensei, chief instructor in Aikido Institute Davis, California, has trained and taught Aikido since 1967 and is ranked black belt 7th dan.

Newens Sensei has published a comprehensive series of Aikido DVDs entitled Aikido Curriculum vol. 1-7. He recently published a new book ”Aikido Insights” that presents the insights gained after forty-four years of training.

Many of us had the great pleasure two years ago, to meet Newens Sensei at his first seminar in Sweden in connection with Riai Aikido Dojo’s 10th anniversary. Now, we are very proud to once again welcome him to Sweden. Take the chance to get inspired by a truly outstanding teacher!

Short interview

Dear aikidokas! As a taste of the upcoming seminar with Hoa Newens Sensei we will present a short interview. Please enjoy and don’t forget to enroll below. Q: In september you will go to Sweden for the second time. How do you feel about this trip? What do you remember about Sweden from your first trip? A: My visit to Sweden two years ago was both enlightening – I learned that many good things were invented by Swedish, e.g. the tetrapak, dynamite, Nobel prize, the zip, etc.; and inspiring – the dedication of the Swedish aikidoka, including those at Riai, gave my uchideshi and I a boost of energy on the way home. Therefore, I’m looking forward to further learning, friendship and inspiration at this upcoming visit in September. Q: Are you going to focus on something special during the seminar? A. At this seminar I hope to renew our energetic connection on the mat as well as share with you some of my recent discoveries about the essence of Aikido stances, movement and techniques. Q: Tell us about your recent aikido-related publications! A: I am also working on a second book that deals with the invisible underpinnings of Aikido training and that will hopefully stimulate the readers into further exploration in the depth of Aikido training. Welome to Gothenburg 5-6 september!

Details and enrollment

Place: Frölunda Judoklubb, Reningsverksgatan 3, Västra Frölunda.

Fees: Training 800 SEK, Party 200 SEK.

Accomodation: Frölunda Judoklubb (SEK 50 per night)

Register & payment: Fill out the form below Pay 200 SEK in advance to Riai Aikido Dojo. Bank giro 703-4887. Fees received will not be refunded. Non Swedish participants: Final payment before first training. All participants must be fully insured. Bring jo & bokken.

Schedule: Schedule: First training starts 10.00 Saturday 5 September Party Saturday evening! Last training ends Sunday 6 September 15.30.


Flyer in PDF format.


Fill out the form below to register.


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