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Weekend seminar with Hoa Newens sensei 7 dan

19-20 Oct 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden

H. Hoa Newens Sensei, chief instructor in Aikido Institute Davis, California, has trained and taught Aikido since 1967 and is ranked black belt 7th dan.

Newens Sensei has published a comprehensive series of Aikido DVDs entitled Aikido Curriculum vol. 1-7. He recently published a new book ”Aikido Insights” that presents the insights gained after forty-four years of training.

Riai Aikido Dojo is proud to invite you to Newens Sensei first seminar in Sweden. Take the chance to get inspired by a truly outstanding teacher!

Place: Frölunda Judoklubb, Reningsverksgatan 3, Västra Frölunda.

Fees: Training 800 SEK, Party 200 SEK.

Accomodation: Frölunda Judoklubb (SEK 50 per night)

Register & payment: Fill out the form below Pay 200 SEK in advance to Riai Aikido Dojo. Bank giro 703-4887. Fees received will not be refunded. Non Swedish participants: Final payment before first training. All participants must be fully insured. Bring jo & bokken.

Schedule: Schedule: First training starts 10.00 Saturday 19 October Party Saturday evening! Last training ends Sunday 20 Oct 15.30.


Flyer in PDF format.

Q&A with Hoa Newens Sensei

1. What is your experience of Sweden and Swedish aikido?

This will be my first time visiting Sweden, although I have had several contacts with excellent Swedish aikidoists such as Lasse Andersson and Laila Fladberg, Pia Moberg, Moa Lindell and many others. I met and trained with these fine people in California, Iwama (Japan) and Copenhagen and am happy to come to visit their country. Outside of Aikido, my family has a special link to Gothenburg since we have been Volvo car owners for the past 24 years.

2. What will you focus on during the seminar in Gothenburg?

At this seminar I plan to work on the principles underlying the core techniques of Aikido and share essential knowledge of body mechanics that allow us to execute Aikido techniques efficiently. As far as specific techniques I remain open to what may unfold naturally on the days of the seminar.

3. What inspires you in your daily training?

I draw my daily inspiration from the sincerity of students who devote their time and utmost attention to training. The sight of students continuing to train fervently after class late into the evening always warms my heart. I get the same boost when I teach in a foreign country or new dojo and see people that I have never met who put out sincere effort trying to absorb the points that I make. Another motive that keeps me going on the Aiki path is the burden of vital knowledge that I received through my teachers; I can alleviate this burden only by passing on the knowledge to others.

Hoa Newens Sensei Aikido Institute


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