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2 dan

Funktion i klubben?

Hur länge har du tränat?
Jag började träna i januari 2011.

Det bästa med träningen?
The best thing about training for me is the satisfactions I have experienced in different layers: the development of physical strength and physical betterment in general; the development of mental strength (e.g. learning of mind concentration and relaxation at the same time through breathing techniques); and also the experience of kindness and friendship felt in our community. The art of this unique balance in Aikido between mind, body and spirit make it attractive to many, regardless of genders, young or old, physically strong or not-strong build, you will certainly find your own expression here if you put work and heart into it.

Genomgått utbildningen Idrottskador-akut omhändertagande och SB&K gruppinstruktörsutbildning. Ansvarig för växterna i klubbrummet.

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